Company Profile

With the know-how built by the sock manufacturing industry for many years, we are exporting and selling both domestically and abroad.

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Brand Collaboration

Various collaboration experiences with domestic and international high-end brands

Sample List

All designs can be customized depending on their flexibility, materials, and uses

Production Process

All designs can be customized depending on their flexibility, materials, and uses

  • A production consultation

  • Making a down payment

  • Sample

  • Product production

  • Remittance payment after product inspection

  • Shipping

Focusing on price

Having a wide choice of various materials, we lower individual unit cost making it possible to produce price-oriented products

Focusing on quality

We make fine and functional products using high quality of domestic and special raw yarn

Focusing on unique design

We support a wide variety of designs of the manufactured socks, not limiting our designs to previously designed ones


Q. Is it possible for individuals who are not brand companies to request for manufacture?

Yes. Royal International company works with anyone who wants to make socks

Q. What is the minimum quantity acceptable to order?

Small quantities can be manufactured, but unit price can vary depending on the quantity of orders.

Q. Is it possible for people with no knowledge of socks to make socks?

We have a variety of samples to help you to coach the designs you purses

Q. Can children's socks or special socks be made?

We make all kinds of socks including casual, sports, sleeping socks as well as children and adults-sized

Inquiry & consulting

Quick consulting


Address : 363-19, Sunam-ro, Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea